School Readiness Program

SBH Queensland runs a School Readiness Program for children entering prep. This program introduces the children to everyday school activities that they will be experiencing in the coming year in their new school environment.  Activities developed by the SBH Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologist and Education Advisor work to develop foundation and functional skills that are essential for early learning and the transition to formal schooling. The sessions provide an opportunity to screen for potential delays or difficulties the children have, enabling early intervention. Focused group sessions are run in Brisbane. SBH Queensland endeavours to see other children during outreach trips during each school year.  

Sessions focus on the following areas of development: 

  • Fine Motor Skills (shape drawing, object manipulation) 
  • Gross Motor Skills (crawling through tunnels, jumping, balance, throwing balls) 
  • Social Skills (introductions, making conversation, vocabulary building)  
  • Pre-writing and pre-scissor skills 
  • Early phonological awareness skills  
  • Daily living skills (managing lunch box and drink bottle, following instructions, asking for help when needed).  
  • Following instructions and a basic school routine  
  • Working together with other children in a group situation  
  • Engaging in new tactile and sensory experiences  

The SBH team continues its involvement in prep transition by visiting each of the children’s schools to provide information about spina bifida and hydrocephalus and support where needed.