The Mat and Chat Playgroup is a great way for parents to come together in a supportive and fun environment. Playgroup caters to children 0-6 years old in our SBH Queensland community on a monthly basis. Playgroups help to facilitate the development of children in many ways. Children learn through interaction with peers and play. The activities promote play, language, motor skill development as well as social-emotional development.

An education series run by Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapists complements the play-based program. The material presented aims to guide parents in how they can best support their child’s development during the early years. Mat and Chat playgroup is an opportunity for parents to ask questions of therapists and each other in a relaxed environment. Play is a child’s occupation, it is how they learn about the world around them and is fundamental to their development. Join us for monthly fun at SBH Queensland.