Adults Speech Pathology Services Now Available

SBH Queensland is now able to offer a variety of Speech Pathology services to our amazing adult clients. Speech Pathologists can help with many areas across  communication and swallowing. Some of these areas include:

  • How speech sounds are made

  • How your speech sounds to your communication partners

  • How you use your language, including how you put your words together to make sentences

  • How you use social skills and interactions, including strategies that may help with a smoother transition into the work force

  • Ensuring you are eating and drinking in a safe way and working with the Speech Pathologist to make changes if necessary

The Speech Pathology team are excited about meeting more of our adult clients and have made a quick and easy screener to help highlight possible areas of need.

Please take a look at the Speech Pathology Screener, complete it and someone will be in contact shortly.  

We look forward to working with you!