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Driving can by a key way of increasing your level of independence and community access. However, the physical and cognitive affects of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus may have an impact on your ability to drive or influence how you drive. If you are interested in pursuing the option of driving independently, an Occupational Therapy driving assessment is a great way to confirm your safety in driving and to identify any vehicle modifications you may require. 

SBH Queensland’s Driver Trained Occupational Therapists can assist you in navigating the processes of seeking a driver’s license with Qld Dept Transport and Main Roads, and provide a comprehensive driving assessment.  The Occupational Therapy driving assessment will involve an off-road assessment of your physical and cognitive capabilities and then an on-road assessment. Through this assessment the Occupational Therapist can assess your fitness to drive.  The Occupational Therapist can also assist you in identifying the right car modifications that may be required to allow you to drive independently and safely and assist in sourcing the funding for these modifications, e.g. through NDIS funding.

To find out more about Driving Assessments, please contact SBH Queensland today on (07) 3844 4600.