The Cross City Challenge is a three day program that promotes independence with community access and mobility through the following objectives:

  • Planning and time management

  • Orientation

  • Competency and confidence in wheelchair skills and other mobility equipment

  • Fitness and endurance

  • Communication

  • Building self-confidence

  • Public transport use

The Cross City Challenge program is led by the ASSIST therapy team from SBH Queensland. The program helps adults with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus to practice and build independence with community access and mobility in a supported environment. It addresses the common difficulties adults with SBH face when accessing the community.

Activities throughout the program might include:

  • Wheelchair skills and maintenance

  • Equipment Trials

  • Map and timetable reading

  • Queensland Rail Safety Orientation Program

  • Self Defence

  • Physical Activities and Games

  • Cogntive, Social and Creative challenges

  • Use of trains, buses and ferries

  • Sporting Wheelies workshop

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  • “My independent pushing improved significantly throughout the program”

  • “With encouragement, I was able to approach people to ask questions when needed”

  • “I was able to complete tasks when they were broken down into smaller steps, in my own time”

  • “After the program, I have been practicing using the bus going to work... I am happy with my confidence increasing”

  • “The program helped me improve my social and general confidence”

  • “I've noticed an improvement in my confidence with public transport and also confidence in myself”