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Assistive technology are equipment and other items of technology which enable people to live healthy, productive, independent lives and to live  with dignity. It allows people to participate in social, educational and vocational activities. It contributes to reducing an individual’s need for formal health and support services, as well as caregivers.

Assistive technology promotes inclusion, participation and autonomy at home and in the community. The use of appropriate assistive technology reduces the impact of disabilities and increases people’s independence.

SBH ASSIST can help you with most of your equipment needs, including the assessment and recommendation of:

  • Mobility Equipment, such as wheelchairs, scooters and powered assist to increase your independence at home and in the community;

  • Sleeping equipment, such as pressure-relieving mattress and overlays, electric beds and bedding accessories to contribute to a restful and comfortable night of sleep;

  • Seating equipment, such as lift chairs and pressure-relieving cushions, to ensure that you have appropriate postural support

  • Showering and toileting equipment, such as mobile shower commodes, bathtub lifts, bathroom mats

  • Transferring equipment, such as transfer boards, hoists, leg lifters and fall alarms to increase your safety while getting in and out of the wheelchair.

  • Life style aids, such as modified cutlery, reaching aids, dressing aids, cleaning aids, sexual aids and others, to support your life choices with dignity and independence.


For more information about how to access assistive technology, please contact SBH Queensland today.