Aquatic Therapy


Jonothan’s motor development during the past six weeks has amazed me… Jonothan can now climb playground equipment with greater confidence and success and is choosing to run without support.
— Mother of Jonothan, aged 3 with Hydrocephalus

Our kid's aquatic therapy program commenced in 2010 and is open to children who are registered with our children's service. We run 2 x 6 week blocks a year for three different age groups; babies and toddlers, children 3 - 6 years and 7 - 12 years. Sessions are run during the year in Brisbane. Children in regional areas of Queensland are also invited to attend the programs held in Brisbane or are offered the program when SBH Queensland teams are on regional visits. Click here for details of current aquatic therapy programs.

The groups are run by occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are also assisted by other professional members of our multi-disciplinary team (social workers, speech pathologists and education advisors).  Parents and carers are also welcome.

The program is individualised to suit children participating . Primary goals include:

  • Core strength

  • Motor planning

  • Water confidence

  • Water safety

  • Balance

  • Fun!!

Our program focuses on children developing confidence in getting in and out of the pool as well as water immersion. Floating and kicking, hand-eye coordination, oro-motor and breath control are also key elements of the activities. Sessions embed learning activities such as emergent literacy and numeracy tasks - all done in the water for fun! 

Group activities


Group activities in a supportive environment help children experience social interaction with their peers and develop their listening and turn taking skills at the same time.  Parents and carers are able to gain a greater understanding of how their child’s body moves and earn a repertoire of activities to do with their child in the pool.


What about school aged children accessing school based swim programs ?

Our aquatic therapy program is an excellent precursor for and support to school swimming programs. Our team are happy to provide assistance and advice around swimming activities for children at school. For older students who want to improve their skills, maintain their fitness and physical strength or access pools as a recreational pursuit, SBH Queensland is happy to provide relevant information.