There many ways Social Workers at SBH Queensland might be able to assist you. Social Workers can help you learn new skills, strategies and techniques to help you to deal with the ups and downs of life. Have a look through the list and tick any which might be relevant to you currently, or potentially in the future.  

  • Improve your confidence and self esteem

  • Building resilience to meet life’s challenges 

  • Dealing with your disability and understanding your disability 

  • Working through how your disability might impact on, and strategies to manage:

    • Relationships 

    • Friendships 

    • Employment 

    • Education 

    • Pregnancy and parenting 

    • Social situations 

    • Communication 

    • Independence

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  • Dealing with difficult emotions and situations: 

    • Feeling overwhelmed & having difficulty coping

    • Fear 

    • Anger/ frustration 

    • Guilt/ shame 

    • Grief and loss 

    • Procrastination  

    • Change 

    • Decision making 

    • Conflict 

    • Isolation

    • Self-harm & suicide

  • Mental health and well-being – anxiety, depression, panic 

  • How to maintain your physical health and well-being living with SBH 

  • Ageing and disability 

  • Managing different life stages living with SBH – e.g.:

    • Transitioning into adulthood 

    • Moving out of home  

  • Counselling – to work through difficult times, a safe place you can come to talk about how you’re feeling. 

  • Help you set goals and how to work towards achieving your goals – figuring out what you want in your life and help to devise a plan of how to get there. 

  • Building confidence and resilience

  • Building capacity skills 

    • Learning how to advocate for yourself – how to speak up for yourself and be heard.

    • Learning how to explain your disability to others

    • Learning how to make good decisions  

    • Support when dealing with, or linking with other organisations e.g. Housing, Centrelink 

  • Provide information about SBH and support to people who you are connected to you so that they understand you and your needs better e.g. 

    • Employers 

    • Sports/social groups 

    • Support workers and support agencies

    • Family/ friends or anyone else important to you 


Social Work services are primarily listed as ‘Therapy’ in the Capacity Building Stream of the NDIS.

SBH ASSIST Social Workers are registered with the AASW.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our SBH Queensland ASSIST Social Workers please call the office on (07) 3844 4600 to have a chat.