An engaging group-based program aimed at improving independent mobility, skills and transfers.

The Mobility Program is a group-based program led by experienced SBH Queensland therapists. The program aims to include:

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  • Improving independent mobility

  • Improving and developing transfer skills, e.g. getting in and out of a car

  • Improving posture and seating

  • Managing hills and gutters

  • Strategies for getting back into your chair following a fall

  • Wheelchair and equipment maintenance

  • Trialling of new power assist equipment

  • Impact of the NDIS on mobility needs

  • Applying for new mobility equipment

  • Accessing public transport

SBH Queensland also offers one-on-one training to expand on skills and techniques learnt during the group program.


  • “Great day, very helpful”

  • “Trying power assist equipment for my manual wheelchair was quite fun”

  • “The NDIS session was clear and precise”

  • “My confidence in my wheelchair skills have improved since completing the program”